This is a new page on our website to inform and guide families who wish to contribute trees, benches or other items to one of our golf courses providing lasting memories of their loved ones.  Plaques are also placed near provided trees or benches at the time of positioning.  All memorial trees, benches and plaques are paid for by the family.  Other options are available and will be listed here in the future. 

2013, 2014 & 2015 Bob Lange Memorial Fund: A monetary donation to the CR Golf Junior Golf program.

Some examples:



Our Head Superintendents advise families on tree or bench selection and assist families with the final location of the donated trees or benches.  Our maintenance staff provides the planting and future care at no charge.

Ellis golf course

#1 - tree/plaque: Dave Smith, Don Terrace, Frank Shimek & George Shimek
#1 - tree: James Saunders
#1 - evergreen, right side of fairway: Ed Shimek
#1 - bench at tee, in memory of Dave Wadington
#2 - Red Oak planted right side of fairway; in memory of Jack A. Best  & bench: Max and Evelyn Hollingsworth
#2 forward tee:  tree -
#2 - tree in memory of Bob Thornson
#4 - bench: Ed and Dorothy Naughton
#5 tee - tree: Albert and Juanita Scholl
#6 - tree/plaque: Warren Rogers
#7 - tree/plaque: Jeffrey Ray Spain
#9 - flowering dogwood tree: in Memory of Clauda Mason
#9 tee - tree/plaque: Ed Denison
#9 - evergreen, right side of fairway: Robert Shimek
#9 - maple, left side of fairway: Larry Schlehuber
#9/#1 - tree: George Shimek family
#10 - bench: George and Bette Shimek
#11 - bench located on the forward teeing deck and Swamp White Oak planted left of fairway; in Memory of Bob and Dee Chapman
#11 - tree in memory of Larry Schulte
#12 - tree/plaque: Don Gardner
#13 - tree/plaque: Gary Shirm & Carol Huettig
#13 - bench: Marc & Arlene Pennington

Twin Pines golf course

#3 - Black Hill Spruce planted near teeing area; in Memory of Kurt Cullum
#6 - tree between 6 green and 7 tee: Leonard C. Balcom
#8 - tree right of green: Roger Leslie
#8 - tree right of green: George Nemec
#8 - bench located near yardage sign at tee; in Memory of John Couser
#6 - Tree near tee deck; in Memory of Dick Albones
#12 - tree right side off tee: Ray Allard
#12 - tree right side close to green: Patricia "Pat" Matel
#17 - Bench near tee area: in Memory of John Wasson

Jones golf course

#3 - Flowering crab: in memory of Bill & Ardy Biederman
#6 - Sugar Maple tree planted left side near pond; in Memory of Bill Kulhavy
#8 - bench: in Memory of Clauda Mason
#17 tee - maple tree: Roger Schlotfelt
#17 Red maple tree planted left of tee deck: in memory of John Couser
clubhouse - memorial score board: Gordon Ribble
starter shed/#1 tee - bench: Mike Emerson

Gardner golf course

#1 tee - Crabapple tree: in Memory of Bill Andersen
#3 tee - Tree in memory of Kurt Hockaday
#9 tee - flower bed: in Memory of Sylvester "Rocky" Dravis
#10 - maple tree in Memory of Don H. Engle
#16 - pin oak in Memory of Joe DiNucci
#16 - sugar maple in Memory of Larry Schlehuber
# 16 fwy - oak tree: Dwayne E. French
# 17 tee - maple tree: Ron Irvin
#15 fwy - maple tree: Gary Larson
clubhouse - crabapple trees: Patty Ohsman
#12 tee - maple tree: Bob Read
clubhouse - crabapple tree: Anna Webber Recker
#7 fwy - maple tree: Tom Southall
#5 tee - maple tree: Ronald "Ron" Sutton
#2 tee - bench: Tim Tousey
#7 tee - oak tree in memory of Dave Knee